Missanelli Has No Class

Missanelli Has No Class
December 10, 2004, 10:05 am
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610 WIP mid-day talk show host Mike Missanelli crossed the line today while on the air live with the greatest kicker in all of football David Akers.  Missanelli, over the past couple of weeks, has been whining and bitching that David Akers was too much of a drama queen after his valiant kick with a torn hammy.  Missanelli, for no apparent reason, tells Akers on the air that "you're not an athlete, you're a kicker!"

Earlier in the day Trotter called up to defend the Eagles' kicker.  I used to enjoy Missanelli from time to time on the mid day show with Gargano.  Missanelli was acting like a little girl and for the rest of the day went into second  grader mode.  Nothing like a day of listening to morons on 610 WIP but usually you can expect it to be from the callers unless of course it's 5am-10am or 3pm-7pm.

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