MLB Postseason schedule reveals there is no interest in the Phillies

MLB Postseason schedule reveals there is no interest in the Phillies
December 1, 2006, 2:27 pm
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Today at 4 o'clock, Major League Baseball released their schedule for the 2007 Playoffs.  It's quite apparent the Phillies vs. Padres/Rockies is low on the national priority list:

If you'll notice, Games 1 & 2 are scheduled for a 3 o'clock start --  just perfect for fellas like myself with day jobs that have to cower into their bosses office tomorrow to request time off.  But I'm sure that shouldn't be a problem -- I mean, I imagine I'll be the only one in my entire department with that unoriginal idea.  So basically, I'm gonna hafta lie and say I scored some tickets for both games and pray that my boss will feel guilty enough to let me leave.  If that doesn't work - I swear to God - I'll just show up Wednesday morning and throw up on him.

A person should not have to go to these lengths to watch a fucking playoff game.

Game 3 is set to take place Saturday @ 9:30. Ya know, when everybody is huddled around their TV set like a fucking campfire waiting for Cheaters to start.  Seriously, there are only two games that day -- can't you let the stupid fucking Cubs & D-Bags play at 3:00 and bump us up to a more respectable 6:30?  So maybe my 6-year old son can stay up long enough to find out who won?  I'm gonna be forced to take him to Wawa around 8:30 to load up on Sour Patch Kids & FunDip hoping his sugar high will keep him up all night.  Eff it, I'll just blame the MLB for my bad parenting.

And that Game 4* start time is just flat-out irresponsible of baseball.  But I'm hoping there won't be no Game 4.

At least Comcast picked up TBS HD today.  That's the only good news to come out of this.

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