Monday Extras

Monday Extras
February 27, 2006, 5:12 am
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Andy Reid on McNabb from Les Bowen's Inky piece Saturday:

"Everything's magnified a little bit at the Super Bowl," Reid said. "I
think he just got some things off his chest. He's very positive right
now and ready to roll... Get it out and move on. That's where he's at
now. I talked to him two nights ago. Very upbeat, positive, fired up,
working hard."

That's pretty much the best we can hope for, a fired up, positive Donovan.

-Forsberg won a gold medal.  Antero, a silver, but named MVP of Olympics even with a loss at the end. [AllSports]
-The Sixers have won three in a row.
-The U.S. hockey team was wretched in Torino, blame the travel arrangements? [MJD]
-Bode Miller, what to think of him?  Scary Playboy bunny: meh, rock star attitude: good, 0-fer the Olympics: weak.
-Rumors have it that Vince Young is not very intelligent. [Deadspin]
-Paris Hilton will play Mother Teresa.  Read that again.
-Girlfriend Dumped After Valentine-Candy-Related Weight Gain [The Onion]

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