Monday Extras for March 20th

Monday Extras for March 20th
March 19, 2006, 7:01 pm
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I picture it to be a Monday night game in South Philly, perhaps the home opener, the media frenzy behind the game is in full force.  Some sort of desperate housewives-esque intro to the first ever Monday night game on ESPN.  The Cowboys come to town, T.O. catches a long touchdown pass to put Dallas up 7.  He stands in the endzone and he flaps his wings.

T.O. can have the last laugh.  How do you think he will celebrate a TD at the Linc?

My original thoughts on the move. [The700Level]
T.O. has a rap song about being a Cowboy. [The700Level]
Stephen A. on Owens going to Dallas. [Inqy]

-Sixers have no answer, drop fourth straight. [ESPN]
-Philly fans have nothing on those futbol hooligans. [Deadspin]
-Get your hands on a 1.19 million dollar ride.  The worlds 10 most expensive cars. [Wired]
-I just wasted 4 minutes of my life watching this video about the Eagles cheerleader tryouts. []
-The Inquirer among top 10 sports pages. []
-Do you use a Gillette Fusion?  The Moore's Law of razors. [Economist]
-I don't like Alex, but Izzy is a bitch too.  I'm starting to like Grey's Anatomy less and less.
-The Sopranos.. I don't know.  I think Meadow should ditch Finn and get herself a nice Italian named Enrico.

Sick, sick, sick dunk over the weekend:

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