Monday Extras Quickie: Phillies AllRight

Monday Extras Quickie: Phillies AllRight
May 21, 2007, 5:15 am
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With Enrico in the homeland and me in Chicago for the weekend, things were a bit slow here the past few days. Fear not, we've got a great week of guest posts and miscellany planned for you.

The Phils are back at .500 after taking 2 of 3 from the Blue Sals this weekend, marking their third straight series victory. Up next are two critical series at Florida and Atlanta...

Onto the extras:

  • The Phils have also given up on LHRPs, sending Fabio Castro down and leaving the bullpen full of righties. If your lefties suck that bad, there's really no point in playing the percentages. Ryan Madson should take the empty roster spot when he comes off the DL this week. [The Inquirer]
  • A little breakdance-baby-kicking. [Greg Johnson]
  • The worst trade idea I've heard since the last McNabb-to-hometown-team rumors involves LB Lance Briggs. Some of the presupposed notions explored in this piece are just ridiculous (eg, "The Eagles, of course, would then have rebuilt their defense to the
    point where it could carry an offense managed by A.J. Feeley or Kelly
    , while awaiting the development of Kolb." [The Inquirer]
  • Pat the Bat gets hot at home, hitting 5 out over the homestand and picking up 11 RBI. [PhillyBurbs]
  • After seeing him up close (ya know, when he played) this weekend, how could you not Vote 4 Sal? [vote4sal]
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