More Email From The Masshole

More Email From The Masshole
February 6, 2007, 10:12 am
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You may remember a week or so ago when I asked my old pal from The Hub for his thoughts on the Eagles near defeat of the Mighty Patriots.  (See: "Masshole Responds")  Well he's back and this time I didn't ask him for it.  This one came unsolicited.  But this friend is one of those guys you kinda feel bad for, so you don't want to tell him that you have no idea what his email is about or why he is sending it to you.  So I'm just gonna post it to make his day.  The following showed up in my inbox this morning.


This Thursday, as every Thursday, I have three questions. (Ed. note: um, okay?)

Can the New England Patriots be killed with conventional weapons?

Just how bad are things twixt Andre Miller and Paul Pierce?

Celts radio announcers talking last night about the ’02 World Games,
after which Pierce was tagged as a clubhouse cancer and perhaps not
unrelatedly kept off some other national squads, an unfortunate
appendage to a career that has otherwise been distinguished by a lot of
load-carrying and only one stabbing.

The Tigers are flat stupid, and not in the Bart Scott kind of way. Can
The Gambler hang on long enough to take them to the house (and the
house, in this case and for obvious reasons, is the ALCS)? Corollary
question: Whose ass is fatter by 2009: Maggy or Miggy?

Happy Chanukah, keep spinning,

(He did mention Andre Miller, so it has some relation to Philly sports.)

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