More Stupidity from ESPN Page 2

More Stupidity from ESPN Page 2
January 7, 2005, 7:50 am
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Page 2 is just off the mark again on this one.  The point he makes about the Eagles' D ranking 10th in the league is based on shallow stats.  Philly ranks second in Pts allowed and this is after the final two games in which the Eagles rested a very significant number of their starters.  I'd say it is safe to assume they would have ranked #1 in Pts allowed if they played key guys.

The article focuses on the Eagle's and makes some good points about McNabb doing a tremendoud job of dealing with TO's ego.  But I think Bayless underestimates the Eagles without TO.  He also says the "City of Brotherly Self-Pity" gave up on the Eagles when TO went down.  Philly fans didn't give up.  We are the only ones who think we can win the Superbowl.  Another national media personality with no real pulse on Philadelphia.

Link: Page 2 - These NFC teams have no chance.

The NFC's alleged best team, the Eagles, has a first-year starter at cornerback named Lito Sheppard who not only made the Pro Bowl but All Pro. Even Eagles insiders are stunned by this. Once upon a time, Sheppard would have had a tough time even making the roster of the NFC's reigning dynasty.

For that matter, Eagles veteran Jeremiah Trotter made the Pro Bowl after starting at middle linebacker for less than half a season.

Only in today's NFC.

The Eagles were the only NFC playoff team to make the league's regular-season top 10 in defense. And they were 10th. Three AFC teams that did not make the playoffs -- Buffalo, Baltimore and Miami -- had statistically-better defenses than any NFC playoff team. Throw Buffalo into the NFC playoffs right now, and I'd pick the Bills to knock off the Eagles in Philly.

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