Mo-Tivational Speaker

Mo-Tivational Speaker
January 17, 2007, 4:02 am
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When you tie a Wachovia Center record for least first-half points (27), two things are likely. First, you're gonna get your ass reamed by the coach at halftime, and second, you may need to break some sort of positive record in the second half to win. By most accounts, Sixers coach Mo Cheeks isn't a screamer, though god knows he's had plenty of reason to be during his tenure here. But according to Comcast's SportsRise, being down 45-27 at the half to a weak Portland team was enough to set off Cheeks, and his players responded.

After missing 15 straight shots in the first half, the Sixers set a franchise record for shooting percentage in a half in the second. Andre Iguodala and Lou Williams lit it up, with all of Sweet Lou's 19 points coming after the break, coming back from a 25-point deficit to win, 92-88. The Sixers needed the W, and losing to a Portland team that hasn't won on the road yet this year would have been pretty pathetic. Like, last-night's-attendance bad (11,483).

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