Moyer: It's Not About Age

Moyer: It's Not About Age
December 26, 2006, 7:00 am
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When the Phils first resigned Jamie Moyers, we were a bit skeptical.  We've come to appreciate the man a whole lot more since then.  Partly for his performance on the field and more so for his attitude and wisdom.

"At some point, maybe it's next year, maybe it's two years down the
road, I'll go out on the field and I just can't do it. But if I can and
right now I know that I can, why not? Just because somebody says you're
too old? Or your birth certificate says you're a certain age?"

"I don't do it any differently now than I did five years ago, 10 years
ago," said Moyer, who has 230 big-league wins. "I don't think I throw
any slower. It's all about location for me. And if I have my health and
I believe I can still compete, why can't I keep pitching?"

>>Moyer's mind-set: Just keep pitching [Seattle Times]

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