January 20, 2006, 8:52 pm
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The Phillies unfurled a giant 57 foot banner at Citizens Bank Park yesterday to honor Ryan Howard's MVP award.  You can watch a video on in which Harry Kalas introduces The Big Guy.  The video has congratulations from Mike Schmidt, Dutch Daulton, Donovan McNabb, Governor Ed Rendell, Mike Knuble, Jaws, Sal Pal, Allen Iverson, and J-Roll.

Howard on what he's working on this off season: "Offense. Defense. Speed. Agility,'' Howard said. "I'm always working
on everything, to get as close to perfect as possible. I'll be working
on that forever.''  You have to love this kids attitude. 
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And because we've been neglecting the Extras around here, we'll throw some random links at you.

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