New Logo for Citizens Bank = Headache for Phils

New Logo for Citizens Bank = Headache for Phils
January 5, 2005, 10:36 am
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Looks like Citizens Bank Park will get a makeover this offseason.  The article claims that "Manufacturing and installation (of the new logos) will be done by April."  At the rate the parking lot they promised by the start of the Eagles' season is coming along, the new logos will be in the new park by 2027.

Link: Yahoo Sports - New Citizens Bank Logo Causes Renovations at Ball Park.

Those 43,000 cup-holders at the Phillies' still-pristine Citizens Bank Park? It's time to rip them out and replace them, along with some of the most prominent and permanent signs in the ballpark. Citizens Bank is updating its corporate logo. The green Pac-Man-like design made from three diamonds is now a part of baseball history. In its place will be a sort of snowflake, crafted out of four green arrows. The arrow motif is borrowed from the Royal Bank of Scotland, which, whether you knew it or not, owns Citizens Bank. The old logo appears everywhere at the ballpark: on cup-holders, entry gates, scoreboards, banners, the Liberty Bell display, and locational signs. It's also on the business cards of Phillies officials, team stationery, and ballpark-access tags for employees.

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