NHL Players Agree: Philly Has League's Most Disruptive Fans

NHL Players Agree: Philly Has League's Most Disruptive Fans
February 6, 2009, 1:02 pm
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The ESPN.com poll of NHL players has gotten a ton of attention among the Flyers faithful today, and for good reason. When asked which team has the most disruptive fans, 24% of the 193 respondents said the Philadelphia Flyers.

You damn right.

I always love the player surveys in any sport. This isn't Forbes picking the top mascot. It's the guys who are down on the ice every night, reacting to the crowd, hearing the other team's players say things we'll never know about. But of course, sullying an otherwise great survey, they made a reference to how Flyers fans once booed Santa. No, that tired old story will never go away, and now it's jumped sports again. At least the fun didn't stop there.

When asked which player complained the most on the ice, guess who more than HALF of the league named?

That's right. Sidney Crosby. Don't look for his name on the list of the league's best leaders though. Honestly, even I was surprised the league's best scorers and most recognizable captains didn't get more than a single vote in that category. He'll have to settle for a tie for sixth best prime minster.

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