Nitty's New Face

Nitty's New Face
March 30, 2009, 5:51 am
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We're always up for some goalie mask pr0n here at the Level, so we were happy to see Flyers backup backstop Antero Niittymaki rocking a new mask last night. It's a variation on the same theme his old mask carried, highlighting the nickname former coach Ken Hitchcock gave him. Nitty is an easy variation on his last name, of course, but it's also the name of a Sicilian-born mobster, Frank Nitti, whom Antero has painted on his old and new masks. His old one had Nitti holding machine gun, with bullet casings coming down the side and bulletholes around the chin area.

The latest iteration changes the background color from black to white, with a black-clad gangster, still holding the tommy gun. The "NITTY" lettering is more pronounced too.

Which Nitty/Nitti mask do you like better?

Back of the mask, after the jump.


Another change is that the back straps no longer cover the painted area of the back piece, leaving some room for art. Nitty's chosen to go with the crowned lion from the coat of arms of his native Finland.

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