No, Brandon Graham Will Not Loan You Money

No, Brandon Graham Will Not Loan You Money
February 28, 2011, 8:38 am
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The NFL lockout isn't even official yet, and already some players are broke. A couple of Eagles reportedly attempted to tap MAC at the Bank of First Round Rookie Bonuses, but were denied.

Brandon Graham admitted at least two teammates have approached him for money, one of them requesting a six-figure loan. The defensive end has not been willing to oblige.

“I’ll be like, ‘What are you going to do with it, other than blow it?’ I don’t want to be beefing with guys on my team because they owe me money.”

“They try not to make it awkward. They’ll come to you like they’re joking, but they’re serious. They’re trying to feel you out, to see what you’ll say.”

This despite the Players Association actively warning its constituents to create "lockout funds" for over a year, not to mention educational programs the league has run for years advising players how to manage their income.

Can't say that I blame him. Sure, he hit the lottery coming out of college with $14 million guaranteed, but the minimum salary in the NFL is $300,000, and something tells me Chad Hall wasn't the one hitting up Graham for cash. Plus, few things can create a stronger rift between two people faster than a disagreement over money.

Both the author of the story and ProFootballTalk believe Graham's story speaks to a larger problem for the players. If they can't hold it together before the checks ever stop coming, what's going to happen to some of these guys during a protracted lockout? Or to the significant number of rookies and free agents who were counting on large bonus checks over the next few months? Going to be hard to negotiate with any leverage while DeSean Jackson is pulling shifts at Burger King.

So, the natural thing to do now is begin speculating who these degenerates are that can't get their house in order. You know, so I'm prepared for the moment when they start knocking at my door. No, Asante, it's all tied up in investments right now.

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