No More Geno's Whiz Wit at CBP

No More Geno's Whiz Wit at CBP
March 29, 2006, 5:19 am
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Sure, we all love a good Geno's whiz wit, but when you are at a baseball game you eat hot dogs.  Geno's told the Phillies to go fly a kite.  The Phillies will replace the Geno's spot with Rick's Steaks which resides in the Reading Terminal, a disciple of Pat's.  I can't vouch for Rick's but I'll be sure to give a full report once I give it a go.  Do not fret hungry fans, there is still the Schmitter, Bull's BBQ, and Tony Luke's Pork Italian, not to mention the foot long Hatfield Franks.

Hey, you can always look on the bright side, the Chikie's and Pete's crab fry stand has doubled in size!

Also of interest, the Phillies are targeting college aged fans by throwing Rooftop Thursdays this year at CBP.  Complete with bull riding, beach days, and free Xbox usage.  While the beach days may seem like a good idea to attract the Delilah's of the 215 on a sunny day in South Philly, I'm afraid it will attract more Ralphie's from the Northeast who weigh 295.

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