No Need to Play the Superbowl: Pats Already Won

No Need to Play the Superbowl: Pats Already Won
January 24, 2005, 10:44 am
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Whatever.  ESPN Page 2 writers are correct when picking winners about as much as a drunken Jamie Burns passed out under a car tire.  According to them, the Eagles have no chance in hell against the almighty, hoodie sporting Belichick and his poster boy Brady.  I'm glad everyone in the world is picking against the Eagles, it wouldn't be as fun if it were any other way. 

Chad Lewis is out for the SB, getting surgery this week. 

Link: Page 2 - See you in Jacksonville.

I see 60-yard spirals capping perfectly-run post-patterns. I see quick-hit passes into the flat. I see sweet-spot balls over the middle and frozen ropes toward the sidelines. I see Brady and the Pats holding the Lombardi again, and I fear it won't be close.

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