Nobody Cares About Your Fantasy Team: Week Eleven Results

Nobody Cares About Your Fantasy Team: Week Eleven Results
January 25, 2009, 8:00 am
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The class of the 700 Level Inaugural Fantasy League continued to further establish itself this week. MagicMac#5 would now have to be considered #1 on the Power Rankings, with his 41-point win over Findum Pluckum and Flee (led by a league-high 30 points contributed by Dolphins stoner Ricky Williams), but at #1A is fellow 8-3er Team Vicktory!, with 83 points and the W over The Marmots (despite a Birds-leading 15 points from DeSean Jackson). Unfortunately, our Team Enrico took a step back with a merely-great-not-superhuman week from his star back Chris Johnson, dropping to 6-5 against the now 7-4 (and arguable league wildcard) Colorado Towelies.

In other news, my Edmonton Enigmas edged out our football man Kulp's Andy Reid Drug Emporium, dropping him back into the league cellar (sup KULP) and despite a second name-change, Koy Detmer's Neckbeard/Pigeon Boys/The 4th & 26ers just can't seem to find the right balance, losing by 19 to team Kibbles n Vicks.

The playoffs are coming up, boys and girls. The time to hesitate is through. Full stats and standings after the jump.

1. MagicMac#5 (8-3)
2. Team Vicktory! (8-3)
3. South Park Towelies (7-4)
4. Wildcat Malt Offense (6-5)
5. Team Enrico (6-5)
6. The Marmots (5-5-1)
7. The 4th and 26ers (5-6)
8. Findum Pluckum and Flee (5-6)
9. Hayyy, Girl! (5-6)
10. Kibbles n Vicks (4-7)
11. Edmonton Enigmas (3-7-1)
12. Andy Reid Drug Emporium (3-8)

DeSean Jackson - 15 (Marmots)
Donovan McNabb - 15 (Vicktory!)
LeSean McCoy - 13 (MagicMac)
Jason Avant - 8 (Reid)
David Akers - 6 (Wildcat)
Jeremy Maclin - 6 (Towelies)
Eagles D - 5 (Findum)
Brent Celek - 3 (Detmer/Pigeon/26ers)
Leonard Weaver - 1 (Girl)
Eldra Buckley - 0 (Enrico--did get one carry, though!)
Kevin Curtis - 0 (Enigmas)
Alex Smith - 0 (Kibbles)

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