Nobody Cares About Your Fantasy Team: Week One Results

Nobody Cares About Your Fantasy Team: Week One Results
September 15, 2009, 8:00 am
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As a nutty first week of NFL football draws to a close with a couple of fantastic Monday Nighters, we too can close the books on an eventful first week of the Inaugural 700 Level Fantasy Football League. Congratulations first and foremost to team Findum Pluckum and Flee, who rode beastly performances by Vikings running back Adrian Peterson and our very own Eagles Defense (funny how causing six turnovers in one game can help with the fantasy stat-padding) to a league-high 129 points last week. Less praise is due to the three of us here at the Level, as we went a staff-wide 0-3, with Enrico and myself losing relatively close battles and Kulp finding himself at the wrong end of the FP&F juggernaut (despite a league-third-best 91-point week).

But such is the nature of fantasy football, and hey, it's only week one. Judging us solely on our performance the first time out would be like saying that teams like the Bengals, Rams and Lions have no shot at the Super Bowl just because they went 0-1 last week, and we all know that's not the case. Anyway, kudos again to FP&F, and other first-week winners Magic Mac #5, Koy Detmer's Neck Beard, Kibbles n Vicks, Team Vicktory, and The Marmots. Full league results, as well as Eagles fantasy numbers, after the jump.

League Results

Magic Mac #5 54 (1-0) - Hayyy Girl! 42 (0-1)
Koy Detmer's Neck Beard 86 (1-0) - Edmonton Enigmas 81 (0-1)
Findum Pluckum and Flee 129 (1-0) - Andy Reid's Drug Emporium 91 (0-1)
Kibbles n Vicks 82 (1-0) - Team Enrico 73 (0-1)
Team Vicktory 89 (1-0) - South Park Towelies 85 (0-1)
The Marmots 103 (1-0) - Wildcat Malt Offense 80 (0-1)

The Eagles:

Eagles Defense - 35 (FP&F)
Donovan McNabb - 17 (Vicktory)
Brian Westbrook - 12 (Enrico)
Brent Celek - 9 (Neckbeard)
DeSean Jackson - 9 (Marmots)
David Akers - 8 (Wildcat)
LeSean McCoy - 4 (Magic Mac)
Kevin Curtis - 2 (Enigmas)
Jason Avant - 1 (Emporium)
Hank Baskett - 0 (Girl)
Jeremy Maclin - 0 (Towelies)
Alex Smith - 0 (Kibbles)

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