NY Post: Phils Could Land Manny

NY Post: Phils Could Land Manny
July 27, 2008, 8:50 am
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Up here in wicked lawbsta land, all the sports talk is focusing on Manny Ramirez's falling out with Boston management and fans. Inevitably, this has caused rampant speculation that Manny's days in Beantown are numbered, whether it be via a trade this week or a non-tendering in the off-season.

The New York Post lists the Phillies as the most likely potential landing place for Manny, citing his strong ties to Charlie Manuel, who was his hitting coach and later his manager with the Indians. With Manny increasingly unhappy with Boston's front office and the Phils needing another bat, the concept isn't that off the wall. But it isn't very likely either.

The Post's story relies on "sources" and "beliefs", such as that Manny,
a 10 and 5 player, would not accept a trade to anywhere but Philly. This particular
player is rarely at a loss for words, so if that's true, we'd like to
hear it from his mouth.

Although it's the Sox who appear to be looking to end the relationship,
rather than a score of teams inquiring about Manny, his price will
still be high, and he's almost certain to want to test the market next

So, just to have some fun with a story that is purely speculation at this point, with no sources quoted on either team... would you want Manny in South Philly, and if so, what would you give in
return? He's been involved in fracases with both Kevin Youkilis and the Sox traveling secretary this season, and he's been all but accused of taking strikes to get back at the front office, but he's hitting .298 with 19 homers and 63 RBI.

Just throwing this potential lineup out there...

Vic (if he survives the trade)

Would adding Manny solve existing problems, or just create new ones?

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