Oh Right, That Make-Up Game Against the Padres

Oh Right, That Make-Up Game Against the Padres
July 23, 2009, 2:33 pm
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Scheduling a make-up game for a rainout is tricky business when the two teams involved play their home games on opposite coasts. Imagine the delight of the schedulers and traveling secretaries for the Phillies and Padres today when the skies opened up multiple times for driving rains, and at about an hour before game time, there remains a thick gray cloud cover. [Update: It's raining where I am]

In between two "test" series with the best the NL Central has to offer, Cole and the Phils will look to shut down the Padres tonight before three games with the Cardinals. Cole Hamels will start for the Phillies, facing Kevin Correia, who actually has a lower ERA than King Cole at this juncture. We'll see how much longer that lasts. 

After a hot blip earlier in the season, the Padres are back to earth, which for them is last place in the NL West. At least they get to live in a half decent town, eh? 

Considering that their current batting average leader his hitting .2effing67, maybe newly minted Sixers guard Jrue Holiday (I'm told that's him on the left) can stick around and throw more than just the first pitch, saving Cole for the Cardinals? I shouldn't tease. Cole's struggles have been more than a little palpable, and the Phils need to get him on track soon—hopefully tonight. He had plenty of inspiration to draw from in that Chicago White Sox game, which you may have heard about?
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