Old One Chair Packs a Punch

Old One Chair Packs a Punch
December 22, 2006, 10:09 am
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We, like most, give Bill Conlin his fair share of crap, but today he has a paragraph that hits the proverbial nail on the head.

With an arrogance that has become more and more the face of this
franchise, Andy Reid refused to answer a question on how much trouble
the loss heaps on the 2-4 Eagles. His look of disdain failed to show up
on the quote sheet. It was, after all, an afternoon when the Birds' division rivals all won, cement-shoeing them into last place in the East. "The NFL is tough, man," is about the only sentence among Reid's
alphabet soup of avoidance and self-serving
coaches-gotta-do-a-better-job-of putting-the
players-in-a-better-position-to-win to ring with sincerity. The man's
rap has become almost as hard on the ears as the scarred and arid Linc
surface is on the eyes - and legs.

Right on, Bill.  He calls out Andy and rips on the pathetic field all at once!  Temple should really play at Franklin Field or something.

>>At least they didn't let Hester beat them [Daily News]

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