Ovechkin, Crapitals Desperate for Some Black Friday Magic

Ovechkin, Crapitals Desperate for Some Black Friday Magic
January 23, 2007, 5:46 am
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With the late game between the Colts and the Falcons banished to the cavernous depths of the NFL Network, regular folk had to find something other than pro football to watch while getting their digestion on last night. USC-ASU was pretty solid, but Comcast SportsNet had another option: a replay of the 5-OT Flyers-Penguins playoff game. Whoever made that programming decision deserves to be lifted onto our shoulders and carried out of the room.

We can only hope the current Flyers were watching and soaking in the inspiration while their hot, hot wives cleaned up the mess they'd made in the kitchen. Because today marks the annual Black Friday matchup between the Flyers and the Capitals, a matinée game to continue our paths of laziness this weekend (unless you're reading this while at work... Hi Meech! Hi!).

The Capitals come to town sporting the league's worst record, looking a lot like the Flyers did around this time last year. In a stunning display of human compassion, they fired their head coach yesterday (Happy Thanksgiving!), placing Bruce Boudreau in the interim role. Getting off to the franchise's worst start in 26 years (and that's saying something for the Caps) will do that. You, like me, may be asking yourself, Bruce Whodreau? and looking forward to a nice ass-kicking to watch while eating leftovers. But keep in mind, the Caps still have Alex Ovechkin, the league's most exciting player. Ovechkin has scored a goal in each of his last 8 games against the Flyers, and he's netted 14 so far this season. 

Unfortunately for the Caps and their new old jerseys (and thank god for that change), Alex is pretty much all they got. Take him out of the game, and you should win. The Flyers, on the other hand, have developed one of the most balanced scoring attacks we've seen in this town. Every line is dangerous.

Cranberry Sauce on the Ice: Jim Jackson has just reminded us of another interesting element for today's game... Danny Briere and Alex Ovechkin hate each other. Let's hope we see some taking of the law into one's own hands today. 

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