Overheard at Villanova v. Pitt

Overheard at Villanova v. Pitt
January 29, 2007, 6:37 pm
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Come talk to me when you get a job.

            -An ~37 year old Villanova fan in the bathroom at the Wachovia Center following               Pittsburgh's ownage of Nova on Monday night.

I'll give 'Nova credit, they're a bunch of scrappy players.  But they came up short against one of the topped ranked teams in the country.  I have to point out the solid play of Mike Nardi and Curtis Sumpter.  These guys are ballers.  Freshman sensation Scottie Reynolds seemed to be a bit too eratic at times and didn't have his game under control.  Pitt's clutch shooting down the stretch iced this one.

Again, there's nothing like witnessing a 37 year old man wearing Villanova garb give shit to a pimple faced Pitt student in the men's room after 'Nova got the game handed to them.  Classic.

>>No. 9 Pitt hold off 'Nova [Inquirer]

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