Page 2 - Dying for Sunday

Page 2 - Dying for Sunday
February 3, 2005, 10:18 am
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Link: Page 2 - Dying for Sunday.

The ultimate comes from Pete L. in Conshohocken, Pa., who sees the game as nothing short of a clash of cultures. Excepting what he sees as real passion in Southie, Pete writes off Boston as a bastion of the effette. He writes to a Pats fan named Gabe from last week's column, a note that derided Philly as a "marginal town": "Enjoy the game, Gabe, make a day of it," Pete says. "Maybe soak up all the grandeur of your fair city with one of those duckboat tours in the day, maybe swing out to Brookline for some sushi ... I'll spend the day in my marginal town, soaking up anything and everything that might just clog up the remaining millimeter of my arteries that isn't already clogged." Pete isn't done. "I'll run the Art Museum steps for exercise and visit Valley Forge to call on some real Patriots. I'll take a drive down to Penn's Landing to gaze on the Spirit of 76 and stroll Elfreth's Alley, America's first street. I'll kick by Pat's and Geno's for a pregame cheesesteak, double whiz wit, before rolling over to Chickie N Pete's to watch the game with real fans -- the kind who will live and die on every play not because we're underdogs, not because that is what marginal people do, but because passion isn't something you learn. It is innate, inborn and exists in every corner

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