Parent Threatens Peewee Coach with Loaded 357 Magnum

Parent Threatens Peewee Coach with Loaded 357 Magnum
December 22, 2005, 6:05 pm
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The parent of a 6 year old peewee football player pulled out a loaded magnum and threatened a coach with it.  The game was between the Outlaws and the Raiders.

Acording to 6ABC's website:

During the game that started at 10am Sunday morning at Burholme Park, a
father of a player started arguing with the coach because his son
wasn't playing enough.

The father and the coach started fist fighting and the father pulled
out a 357 magnum loaded with 5 live rounds after the coach started
getting the upper hand in the fight.

The referee of the game got involved and knocked out the brother of the man who pulled a gun out.  Don't mess with the zebras.

Most 6 year olds don't even care if they get to play.  They're just happy to sit on the sideline as long as they get to go to McDonald's after the game for Happy Meals.

-Watch video of the full news report

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