Patriots Favored By a Double Deuce (and Still Rising)

Patriots Favored By a Double Deuce (and Still Rising)
January 20, 2007, 5:54 pm
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Yesterday, we heard that the Birds were a 17-point underdog in their match-up with the best football team ever  assembled this Sunday in Foxboro. The spread jumped to 22 today, and ESPN already has it at a record-breaking 23.5, making yesterday's 17 look like the Google IPO. Considering Donovan McNabb hasn't even been ruled out yet, it could continue to go up. Which ya know, sucks for us fans and everything, but while it isn't a very rosy predictor of the Eagles' performance, it really has a lot more to do with the Patriots and the wake of destruction they've left over the last 11 weeks.  Because although it's been since before I was born that a team was so heavily favored, the Patriots would have covered by at least that number in more than half of their games this season.

As it happens, I'll be making my first trip to Foxboro this weekend.
Yeah I was offered the ticket in week 3, ya know, right after the
Detroit game (which turned out to be the definition of a statistical
outlier). The prognosticators think the Eagles could lose by more than
the game-time temperature (and won't that just double the enjoyment
factor), but who knows, the Eagles could rise to the occasion, channel
their inner Dalton, and those asshole '72 Dolphins will break out the
champagne this week.

SportsCenter would devote 26 minutes to how things
finally went wrong for Brady, Moss, Welker, Maroney,
and Belichick. McNabb and Curtis might reward homer fantasy footballers
with 4 TDs, and Brian Westbrook could exceed his career rushing yardage
for the second consecutive week. J.R. Reed might fill in respectably for
Quintin Mikell, picking off Tom Brady and maybe even getting his kick
return average over 10 yards per, making us forget that Wes Welker mighta been a nice off-season addition.

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