Pedro Martinez is Your Game Three Starter

Pedro Martinez is Your Game Three Starter
December 9, 2008, 10:00 am
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And to think two of the first three starting pitchers for the Phillies in the NLDS weren't even on this team in June. Funny how that works. "Pedro is capable of going anywhere from 85-100 pitches which can get you to the sixth or seventh inning. Pedro's in very good shape," Manuel said in his press conference in Colorado this afternoon. He also mentioned Happ as a potential game four starter. I'm okay with all of this but really wonder why he wouldn't want to work Blanton, perhaps the most reliable starter all season, into a starting role? Regardless, it's Pedro time tomorrow night in Colorado. In Charlie and the Old Goat we trust.

Pedro, of course, is up for the challenge and the weather. After yesterday's loss, he provided the quote, "Maybe I'll be running the bases in a snowmobile."

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