People Sure Do Love Bobble Heads (and Well-Named Beer)

People Sure Do Love Bobble Heads (and Well-Named Beer)
May 18, 2010, 7:55 am
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Tonight, of course, is Roy Halladay Bobble Figurine Night at Citizens Bank Park, a surefire way to pack the park on a night when the Flyers are in action across the street. This Daily News article brings out the important things in life: beer, free baseball giveaways, and
Sidney Crosby jokes.

What more could you ask for in an article about
bobble heads?

Mark Kram writes:

Why have nodders become such a big deal? According to Dr. Joe Mahan,
assistant professor at the Sport Industry Research Center at Temple
University, the teams like them because they are "a
safe promotion," which is to say that they do not incite the havoc that
Nickel Beer Night has caused. He adds that fans like them because they
can be used as not just decorative items but also as a sign of
allegiance to their team that can be displayed at the office less
obtrusively than a pennant or a poster. But Mahan adds: "If you have a
bad product, you can give away all the bobbleheads you want and no one
will come."

Not only will fans in attendance tonight get a free Roy Halladay bobblehead, they'll also get the pleasure of watching the Doc operate on the lowly Pirates. It's a win-win.

Also worth noting about Nodding Head, the bar mentioned in the article, is the fact that they have an ale named in honor of the 700 Level in Veterans Stadium. A wonderful section of a stadium to name anything after, especially a tasty beer, if I do say so myself.

>>Bobbleheads a trend that never ends for fans, teams [DN]

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