Philadelphia Descends Upon RFK

Philadelphia Descends Upon RFK
September 22, 2007, 3:12 pm
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Somebody once told me there really is no such thing as a Nationals fan.  After attending Friday night's Phillies game at RFK stadium, I'd have to disagree.  There are about four of them.  I found it quite sad that in the final weekend of their ball park, nobody in DC seems to care about the Nationals.

The outfield was full of rowdy Phillies fans who made the quick trip down to our nation's capital to watch the Phils bats finally come alive.  Philadelphia lived up to it's reputation as being well traveled, loud, drunk, and obnoxious.  A group of about 50+ Phillies fans all sat in centerfield and formed what was the loudest cheering section of the entire ball park.

I caught a quick video of part of this crew on their way out of the stadium.  They just so happened to cross paths with a Mets fan.  Enjoy their chanting after the jump.

Also, Saturday night's game just got under way.  Chase Utley put the Phils up fast with a homer and a 1-0 lead.  The Mets have notched a win, so the Phils will need to keep pace.  Discuss it all here.

Even after beating the Nationals, Phillies fans voice their distaste for those New York Mets.  This video is NSFW, of course.

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