Philadelphia Park Man Finally Gets His 102,000

Philadelphia Park Man Finally Gets His 102,000
January 28, 2007, 4:28 pm
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Perhaps you heard of the gambler at Philadelphia Park Casino last week who was playing the slots when his screen told him he'd won the $102,000 jackpot.  It turned out that the casino told him the screen was an error and that he hadn't really won anything.  But, not to leave the man empty handed, they gave him TWO comped dinners.

All is now right in the world as the Philadlephia Park Casino has agreed to pay the man the $102,000 he had thought he'd won.  Not only did he get the 102K, but he got a little extra.

"Today was a lot better," Wilkinson said yesterday. "They gave me the
whole $102,000, handled it very well, and gave me eight food comps."

8 FOOD COMPS!  Glad to see it all end well.

>>Man got scammed by slot machine [Inquirer]
>>Man finally gets his 102,000 [Inquirer]

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