Phillies Get That Pesky 10,000th Loss Out of The Way

Phillies Get That Pesky 10,000th Loss Out of The Way
July 15, 2007, 5:11 pm
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Sure, the 10,000 loss mark is a testament to the Phillies futility over the last dozen or so decades, but really it just points out that the Phillies are a really, really old franchise.

The Phillies finally got the stupid 10,000th loss out of the way tonight on ESPN, getting shelled by the St. Louis Cardinals, 10-2.  The Cards got the ball out of the park SIX times.  The Phillies  bats were absolutely on fire in the first two games of the series, putting up 23 runs, but failed to get anything going this evening.  Perhaps the only highlight of the evening for us Philly fans was when our gem got a few moments in the national spotlight.  Harry Kalas joined Joe Morgan and Jon Miller in the ESPN booth and his smooth voice gave you that feeling of, "he's our guy and we're lucky to have him."

I don't like how the fans at CBP tonight were cheering when the Phillies lost.  You don't do that.  I do however love the fact that Utley did all he could to prolong the Phillies from losing.

As I've pointed out in the past, if there is anything to "celebrate" with this milestone, we should give ourselves a little pat on the back for being a Phillies fan and maybe pour one out for those who came before us.  Bill Lyons stepped back into his writer's chair on the day the Phillies hit 10,000 to get his thoughts out on the faithful Phillies fans.

Has there ever lived a creature to rival the Phillies fan? Harder to
discourage than a sidewalk weed. Always coming back for more. Go ahead,
load up and take another shot. We endure, we persevere, we do not

The 10,000th loss was one typical of this current Phillies squad.  Adam Eaton pitched the kind of performance we've come to almost expect out of him.  His outing highlighted the ramshackle starting rotation this year's Phillies are working with in their pursuit of a post season birth. 

<a href="">Ballhype - Phillies Finally Reach 10,000th Loss</a>

Can this Phillies squad get over that "5 games" hump?

Probably not.  But I'll see you at the ballpark to watch it unfold.

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