Phillies Hire Coaches

Phillies Hire Coaches
December 17, 2005, 4:13 am
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Some Phillies notes:

  • Obviously, the Phillies missed out on a great coach in Jim Leyland. [Attytood]
  • The Phillies filled in their 3 vacant coaching positions with guys who have all been major league managers.  The combined age of the 3 guys is 183.  Beerleaguer breaks down their bios. [Beerleaguer]
  • Pat Gillick has made it clear he wants to get rid of Burrell.  The top of Gillick's wish list includes Soriano and Aramis Ramirez.  [DailyNews]

The coaching hires all signed one year contracts, so I think it's safe to think that there will be some sort of change at the manager position either during or shortly after next season.  Unless of course they make it to the world series or something crazy like that.  Pat Gillick has cleared a good deal of salary in the past few months, Phillies fans should get excited about who he spends it on.

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