Phillies May Have Found Their New Closer

Phillies May Have Found Their New Closer
September 15, 2009, 5:16 pm
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In one of the funnier instances of fans behaving badly, a Phillies fan made a great snag on a pop up behind the plate only to hand the prized ball to the young lady sitting with him and WHOOPS! there goes the ball. Both of their reactions are pretty money. He's like "WTF did you do!!! Aw, but you're so cute" and she's like, "Dude, have we not been through this before? If you hand me something, I'm going to throw it on the ground. Plus, I was aiming at that Nationals fan down there." Toddlers always do that.

But she couldn't have really said that because we all know there were no Nats fans present. [videos below]

Update: Watch as the family appears on the Today Show on Thursday.

Update: Here's the official video from MLB of the girl tossing the ball over the rail.

Update: from Shannon on Twitter: "@The700Level: Was at the game, saw a Phillies usher walk up a new ball to the little girl. So cute."

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