Phillies Suckiness in '04 Caused By Rain!

Phillies Suckiness in '04 Caused By Rain!
January 3, 2005, 7:06 am
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Does anyone else find the articles on almost unbearable to read?  Headline like Season Full of Highlights in 2004 or Phillies to Get Fresh Start in 2005.  Season full of highlights?  What team were you watching?  Boston?  Phillies to get fresh start in 2005?  There is an epiphany!  Is there any team that doesnt get a fresh start?  And how come when Milton signed with Cinci like 2 weeks ago, there was no mention of it from the Phillies?  There is still no mention of it on their site.

I'm not renewing my partial season ticket plan.

That's for sure.

Reds Add Milton to Rotation (

Link: Philadelphia Phillies News.

It rained steadily on the day the gates opened for the first regular season game at Citizens Bank Park, perhaps a telling sign that the season wasn't going to go as planned. When the storm passed, another season of high expectations ended without a postseason berth and completed what had been a stressful four-year run for manager Larry Bowa. The Phillies had high expectations entering 2004, matching their highest payroll, but several outside elements -- mostly injuries and inconsistency -- cast a shadow over what appeared to be a playoff contender.

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