Philly March Madness: (1) Mike Schmidt vs. (4) Ron Hextall

Philly March Madness: (1) Mike Schmidt vs. (4) Ron Hextall
April 4, 2011, 11:59 am
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Over the next few weeks at The700Level, we'll be posting poll matchups as part of our Philly March Madness competition.
Examine the cases of the two
fine Philadelphia athletes below, and
cast your vote at the bottom as to
which you think should advance to the
next round. And as always, feel free to
explain your selection and/or debate
the choices in the comments section.

Please continue to send us your personal stories
and remembrances of the various Philly athletes suggested to In the meantime, take a read through some of
the relevant career stats amassed by these legendary athletes during
their time in Philadelphia.

(1) Mike Schmidt

Games Played: 2404

Home Runs: 548

RBIs: 1595

Hits: 2294

Average OPS: .908

All-Star Game Appearances: 12 ('74, '76-'77, '79-'84, '86-'87, '89)

Home Run Titles: Eight ('74-'76, '80-'81, '83-'84, '86)

Gold Gloves: Ten ('76-'84, '86)

MVP Awards: Three ('80, '81, '86)

Post-Seasons Reached: Six ('76-'78, '80-'81, '83)

World Series Championships / MVPs: One ('80)

(4) Ron Hextall

Games Played: 489

Win-Loss Record: 240-172

Points Earned: 28

Goals Scored: One

Save % League Titles: One ('87)

Vezina Awards: One ('87)

Post-Season Appearances: Seven

Stanely Cup Finals Reached: Two ('87, '97)

Conn-Smythe Trophies: One ('87)

    Who should advance to the next round?Market Research

Third-Round Results So Far:

East Bracket:

(1) Julius Erving (81.9%) over (4) Randall Cunningham (18.1%)
(2)   Chase Utley (76.5%) over (11) Cole Hamels (23.5%)

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