Philly March Madness: (3) Donovan McNabb vs. (4) Ryan Howard

Philly March Madness: (3) Donovan McNabb vs. (4) Ryan Howard
April 7, 2011, 12:44 pm
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Over the next few weeks at The700Level, we'll be posting poll matchups as part of our Philly March Madness competition.
Examine the cases of
the two fine Philadelphia athletes
below, and cast your vote at the
bottom as to which you think should
advance to the next round. And as
always, feel free to explain your selection
and/or debate the choices in
the comments section.

(3) Donovan McNabb

Previously Defeated

: (14) Bobby Jones, (6) Pelle Lindbergh, (2) Charles Barkley

You Guys Say: "mcnabb was excellent from his first starting season. while i admitedly  didn't catch much of sir charles in his prime, i can say that playoff  appearances mean more in football than in basketball based on the % of  teams that make it in.  and mcnabb has helped the eagles be a mainstay  in the playoffs for a over a decade." -duffman

"McNabb led the Eagles to 5 NFC title games and 1 Super Bowl...#5 is the best  quarterback in Eagles history." -Jim Mc

"He's a top-ten Eagle of all time. Can't argue with that." -Saul

"92-49-1 in Regular Season and 9-7 in Playoffs as an Eagle

59.0 comp% 216 Passing TD's to 100 INT's; 28 Rushing TD's as an Eagle

Six time Pro Bowler 2000; 2001; 2002; 2003; 2004; and 2009 as an Eagle

15 4th quarter comebacks and 23 game-winning drives as an Eagle

Best quarterback in the history of this franchise, BY FAR." -DLo34

(4) Ryan Howard

Previously Defeated: (13) Jon Runyan, (5) Pete Rose, (1) Reggie White

You Guys Say: "I think Howard was one of a handful of people that had a legit shot to  break 61.  If everyone else wasn't cheating, every single at bat  would've been a media circus once he got over 40..." -NeedaBangMaid

""get me to the plate boys" play, worth 50 mil right there" -krinklekick

"the Piece shouldnt be a 4 seed...

come on. ROY, MVP, NLCS MVP, fastest EVER to 200 bombs. and he has  the "get me to the plate, boys" line...and then backed it up.

give me the Piece every time" -DaveyD

"i'll never forget that game in 09 when Howard hit that pinch hit bomb  with a fever of 104 or something only a couple hours after checking out  of the hospital." -LetsGoState

Who should advance to the next round?Market Research

Elite Eight Results So Far:

(1) Julius Erving (53.6%) over (2) Chase Utley (46.4%)

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