Philly's Negativity Fueled by Media?

Philly's Negativity Fueled by Media?
February 1, 2007, 7:21 am
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The BM Rant, a fine Philly based blog, questions whether Philadelphia's negativity is more of a creation by the media rather than the fans being innately negative.

I ask my fellow Philly sports fans: Was McNabb’s cancelled press conference of two weeks ago a big deal to anyone not presently employed as a sports writer by either the Inquirer or Daily News? Were any real fans clamoring to hear McNabb speak, either during the Jeff Garcia-led run to the playoffs, or after the season ended? Personally, I didn’t care, because I didn’t think McNabb would have much to talk about, since he was an injured player who wasn’t on the field during the latter part of the season. So why did the media make such a big deal out of his silence? Is it important to them because the controversy gives them something to write about, sometimes for days on end?

I'll admit that I'm negative at times, but for the most part, I don't even remotely fit the stereotype of the miserably negative Philly fan.  Brian goes on to question The Daily News and the Philadelphia Inquirer, focusing on Sam Donnellon.  It's worth a read and good food for thought.

>>Negadelphia Sports Writers And The Fans That Hate Them [The BM Rant]

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