Phils-Marlins: The Quest for .500 Continues

Phils-Marlins: The Quest for .500 Continues
June 5, 2013, 1:07 pm
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Like Arya Stark and her season-long attempts to reconnect with her scattered family, with the Phillies and breaking even, it's always so close, and yet so far. The Phillies have lost their last four games in which wins would give them a .500 record, and while it's good that at least they keep battling back there, not even a third Wild Card spot would give the Phils much of a chance of making the playoffs with a losing record, so eventually they're going to have to win one of these.

May as well be today, in the Phillies' Businessperson's Special day game against the Miami Marlins. A win would also give the Phils their first four-game winning streak of the season, and just their second series sweep, with the first coming on the road against the Mets. The Phils have been building a little excitement at home recently, and what could possibly be more exciting than a team that's won as many games as it's lost? I got nothing.

First pitch imminent at CBP. A win would also prevent Cole Hamels from becoming the first double-digit-loser starter in the NL, so let's save our World Series MVP some embarrassing mantle hardware. (First to 10 L's gets a trophy, I'm pretty sure, but it's kinda jagged and unseemly.)

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