Phils Sign OF Jayson Werth

Phils Sign OF Jayson Werth
February 19, 2006, 6:42 am
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The Phillies reached a one year deal with Jayson Werth.

"Jayson  is  a young outfielder  with a combination  of power and speed," said
general  manager  Pat Gillick.  "He's had  some injuries  over the past couple
years, but we think he has tremendous athleticism and we're very happy to have
him in a Phillies uniform. He's a great addition to the club."

I can't say I know much about the guy.  Beerleaguer's take:

If it turns out to be a major league deal, with nothing else on the way
in terms of a LH outfielder, it's a little suspect. The Phillies are
probably trying to establish some young depth 1-through-5, and Werth
gives them a major-league ready option at a bargain price ... but only
if he's healthy. A wrist injury can be a bitch.

I'm always suspect of guys named Jayson who spell their name with a 'y', but I'm also a fan of cheap, low-risk moves that could payoff a whole lot more than they could hurt you.  Maybe this guy could turn into something nice.

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