Phils Win Again in Denver, Plus a Female Streaker!

Phils Win Again in Denver, Plus a Female Streaker!
April 23, 2008, 6:23 am
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The Flyers weren't the only ones to come from behind and snatch a victory last night, with the Phillies stealing one late in Denver. Also, we have another instance of, um, questionable fan behavior, as the game was interrupted by a female streaker. I know what you're thinking: once again, a lady is testing the bounds of what is and isn't "streaking," instead of just going for the gold, but we all got to see a little more skin than usual on the field, so who's complaining?

Anyway, after watching Joffrey Lupul send the Flyers into the next round, we flipped over to find the Phillies down against Colorado.

true to form this season, they definitely weren't out, and they came
back to take their second straight. Where was this last post-season?!
The Rox got in a jam, and did something many teams do, which continues
to surprise me—they walked Ryan Howard to get to Pat Burrell. With
Chase Utley and So Taguchi on second and third, Manny Corpas gave the free pass to a man who last year broke the major league
record for strikeouts and currently leads the league in that category,
a man who only hits to the right side, and they pitched to one of the
hottest hitters in baseball.

And Pat the Bat made them pay with a bases-clearing double. There were
other highlights, such as Jayson Werth's homer and Brad Lidge notching
his fourth save, but something tells me you're still looking at the
picture above, which we have courtesy of the incomparable Mike Milici.

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