Photos and video of Cupid's Undie Run in South Philly

Photos and video of Cupid's Undie Run in South Philly
February 17, 2014, 11:29 am
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Hundreds of people gathered in South Philadelphia on Saturday afternoon to run around in the cold rain and snow and then drink beer afterwards. And they did it all while only wearing their underwear. Seems totally normal, I know.

It was all part of the second annual Cupid's Undie Run which takes place in cities all across the country to help raise money for The Children's Tumor Foundation which helps fight Neurofibromatosis.

CSN's photo and video team was down at Xfinity Live in the sports complex to document the action. Maria Papadakis interviewed a number of the crazy runners about what they were scared most about running in freezing temps in just their underwear. Most of the answers are pretty logical.

All photos by Aaron Talasnik.

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