Pistol Pete's Rectal Exam

Pistol Pete's Rectal Exam
February 1, 2007, 9:57 am
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A reader emails:

I was wondering if you had read Stan Hochman's article today about how Pistol Pete was almost a Sixer back in 1980. I think this is the money quote here:

"And then, in '80," Williams said, picking up the narrative, "Utah waived him and Philly needed help at guard. So did Boston. The only question mark was his knee, and we got the OK on that. And then Dr. Stan Lorber gave him a full physical, including a rectal exam, including the finger test. Pete was not happy with that. He left."

So, Pete Maravich never played for the Sixers because they gave him a rectal exam. Why does this not surprise me?

Think about THAT.  Thanks, Matt.

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