Playoff Coaches Broken Down

Playoff Coaches Broken Down
January 8, 2005, 11:04 am
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John Clayton is actually one of ESPN's football analysts I think is on the money with a lot of things. He may be the geekiest looking guy on television, but some how he knows tons of insider info and is pretty consistent with many of my opinions. In this article he writes about all the playoff coaches and what they have at stake. After he mentions the Eagles are without TO, while their defense has improved from a year ago with the addition of the Freak, he also mentions they are without a really good receiver. The thing most people are forgetting and what I have been telling people over and over, is that this year we have Westbrook. He didn't play in the playoffs last year. He can be the difference maker.

Link: - NFL/PLAYOFFS04 - Clayton: Under examination.

7. Andy Reid, Philadelphia Eagles: Only Marv Levy and maybe Bud Grant, Dan Reeves and Bum Phillips can understand what Reid is going through. He keeps knocking on that championship door, but it's not opening. The Eagles have lost three consecutive NFC title games. He's proved he's one of the best coaches in the NFL since the turn of the century. Now, he needs to prove he can take the team to the next level and go to the Super Bowl. His front office maneuvering put him in position. Though he won't have Terrell Owens for the playoffs, he has Jevon Kearse and a better defense to help him get through two playoff games. The defense has more weapons than a year ago. The Owens' injury hurts. Now, the team is void of a major wide receiving threat as it was a year ago. Because this will be their fourth chance at the Super Bowl, few will be happy if Reid doesn't go to the Super Bowl. In a league that rewards being No. 1, being No. 2 is very uncomfortable.

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