Please Be Okay, Please Be Okay

Please Be Okay, Please Be Okay
July 31, 2007, 8:08 am
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Shane Victorino and Michael Bourn got banged up last night.  Vic is getting an MRI while Bourn is getting an X-Ray.  Say your prayers people.  Even if you pray to John From Cincy, it surely can't hurt.

Bill Conlin wrote a column this morning -- we enjoyed! -- arguing that the Phillies shouldn't even think about trading Bourn.

When I went to bed last night, I planned to pray for the safety of
our servicemen and women in the hellholes of the world, for the health
of my family and for general manager Pat Gillick to not trade Michael Bourn and his wonderful, intimidating speed for some back-of-the-rotation

turkey or front-of-the-bullpen punching bag. I understand there are
compelling economic reasons to deal Aaron Rowand, who has hit himself
into an expensive free-agent neighborhood. But there is no compelling reason
to deal a young outfielder with speed on loan from God just to make a
treading water, "See, we did something,'' sideways deal.

So, Mr Gillick, stand pat.  Or something.  And let's all keep our fingers crossed for Vic and Bourn.

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