Probably the Greatest Thing the Eagles Have Ever Done

Probably the Greatest Thing the Eagles Have Ever Done
March 3, 2009, 6:00 am
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The Birds have taken some heat for a few major personnel decisions this year, some convoluted back taxes situation, their continued insistence on doing everything their own way, and at times perhaps even trying to control their media by issuing news through their Web site. But in the Court of Things That Actually Matter to People Who Follow the Team, the Eagles are coming out on top once again by doing what's most important—closing out the season as one of the best teams in the league and gearing up for a deep playoff run.

But that's not even their greatest success to date. No, they have climbed a higher mountain than ever this morning... The Eagles have become masters of fine art, creating a digital short to end all debate at the next round of such awards.


I know! It's amazing! I've watched this video four times already. Watch it again here. Join us after the jump for some discussion and leave your notes in the comments.

It's like my favorite NFL team had a lovechild with the creators of Aqua Teen Hunger Force (who I think are Giants fans, so they probably hate the Cowboys too) at the expense of Jerry Jones' vanity. Cartoon Sav Rocca and David Akers punting footballs at Jerry Jones' monstrosity while cartoon Jon Dorenbos casts a spell causing the screen to play a monkey riding a minibike to the theme from the Benny Hill show?

We've reached a new place. Video of the decade. If they'd waited until tomorrow to release it, it'd be video of the '10s. The Teens? What are we calling it?

Via PFT.

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