Quotable: "Benched Sixers Don't Like Sitting"

Quotable: "Benched Sixers Don't Like Sitting"
February 3, 2010, 5:55 am
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Ah, headline writing and the Philadelphia 76ers. The way things are going for them you'd almost expect Martin Frank's headline in the Courier Post to read "Benched Sixers Enjoy Some Relaxation Time in Their Courtside Seats."

Lou Williams doesn't like watching the action from the bench and Thad Young says it even effects his play, "It's harder to start off the game sitting there watching, and then
come in and try to get warmed up. Every time I come in the
game, the first two or three plays, somebody scores on me because I'm
not warmed up."

Perhaps the Sixers should change their pregame routine, and actually warm up during "warm ups" so that Thaddeus Young no longer has excuses for his shoddy defense.

>>Benched Sixers don't like sitting [Courier Post]

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