Quotable: Franzke On Calling Perfection

Quotable: Franzke On Calling Perfection
June 1, 2010, 1:07 pm
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Our old pal Dan Levy caught up with Scott Franzke to chat about what a day in the booth is like when Roy Halladay throws a perfect game.

Franzke: "We were both pretty nervous. I think
[Anderson] even said it on the air in the ninth inning. He said, "who do
you think is more nervous, us or Roy Halladay?" I said, "obviously us."
Athletes, especially athletes of his caliber, one of the reasons they
are so good is because they have the ability to slow the game down. I
didn't have any way to slow my heart rate down or slow my hands down
from shaking.

"It's a big moment. You're trying to stay focused, but you realize you're
about to release a tremendous amount of emotion because it bottles up
and it builds and it builds over the eight, eight and a third, eight and
two thirds until finally you can release it. "

Read the full transcript here or listen to Frankze talk about the moment here.

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