Quotable: Jamie Moyer is Disheartened, Feels Misled

Quotable: Jamie Moyer is Disheartened, Feels Misled

Jamie Moyer, in Chicago for the Phillies game this evening, has spoken to the beat writers about the decision to move him to the 'pen. He's not thrilled. Todd Zolecki has all the quotes.

"I'm really not happy with this decision that the Phillies have made,"
he said, sitting in the stands behind the first-base dugout. "I will
take what they've asked me to do, but I'm not really excited about the
decision that has been made. Ultimately, I'm a little dishearted
because this past winter when I was negotiating with the Phillies this
was a sore thumb, if you will, about this potentially happening.

Well this kinda sucks. Regardless of whichever side of the argument about bringing Pedro into the rotation you lie on, nobody will be happy with the news of Jamie Moyer being disheartened and feeling misled by management.

Moyer claims he doesn't want to be a distraction at all... but isn't this a distraction?

Pedro better pitch his ass off.

>>Moyer Unhappy, Feels Misled [Zo Zone]

Ed Rendell, Jim Kenney roast Chris Christie for ripping Eagles fans

Ed Rendell, Jim Kenney roast Chris Christie for ripping Eagles fans

What a week it's been for Chris Christie. 

After watching his top-seeded Cowboys be picked apart by Aaron Rodgers in the divisional round, and being passed over for a position in Donald Trump's administration, the New Jersey governer called Eagles fans "generally angry, awful people."

He can now add being torched by Former Pennsylvania governer Ed Rendell and Philadelphia mayor Jim Kenney to that list. 

"You understand how his approval rating is probably the lowest of any governer in the country," Rendell said. 

(Three fire emojis).

"In retrospect, the governer's had a pretty rough couple years," Kenney said. "His presidential campaign crashed and burned, his bromance with the President-Elect didn't seem to go anywhere. I understand why he may be a little bitter or angry."

Boom. Roasted.

Watch the full video for more.

We finally found something (not great) about Joel Embiid: Manziel Buddy?

We finally found something (not great) about Joel Embiid: Manziel Buddy?

Ugh. Joel Embiid may not be perfect.

He may be buddies with Johnny Manziel, at least according to the former NFL hopeful turned party boy.

It all started when Manziel took to Twitter today to talk about doing a free autograph signing for the people of Texas.

The Twitter rant also included this strange line: "No lie.. I was a [bad word] in 2016 I'm just trying to be a good PERSON again#LostInTheSauce."

Hey, owning it is the first step to recovery, right? 

Also, he knows how to get Twitter's attention:



After doing one Google search, there were reports of the pair hanging over the summer in LA. From Busted Coverage:

[Manziel] was tearing up the Warick LA lounge with his Los Angeles friends at a party that included Jerome Boateng from Bayern Munich, Kendra Wilkinson and Joel Embiid among others.

More to this as we learn it...