Readers Write: Eagles Done?

Readers Write: Eagles Done?
January 2, 2006, 3:40 am
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Q: The Eagles are currently enjoying the least deserved week-long break in
the history of sports, having wrapped up the first half of their season
at 4-4. When we first saw the schedule, we all thought the first half
was cake compared to the second, especially the treacherous NFC East
run in December. What do you think the Birds' record will be when all
is said and done? Which weeks do you predict will be W's, and which
will be L's? Where will they finish in the division, and is there any
chance at the playoffs?   ~Matt from Brookhaven

I'd like to preface this by saying I have about as good a chance of predicting the Eagles remaining record as  Andy Reid has of giving us a straight answer.  Let's take a look at their remaining schedule:

Washington @ Philly -  If the Birds are serious they have to come out and go win-win in the first two before Indy.
Tennessee @ Philly -  I'll give this a W, but Vince Young could give the Eagles defense fits.
Philly @ Indy - Lose.  Simple.
Carolina @ Philly - Win.  I've got tickets to this one so Donovan is going to put on a show on Monday night.
Philly @ Wash - Lose.
Philly @ Giants - Lose.
Philly @ Dallas - Win, just to spite T.O.
Atlanta @ Philly - Lose.

By that breakdown the Birds would be 8-8 and out of the playoffs.  I really have no feel for this team any longer.  They could come out and go 6-2 and I wouldn't be too surprised or they could come out and go 2-6 and I wouldn't be shocked either.  Let's just hope the game on Christmas in Dallas still has some meaning.

How do you people think the Birds will finish up?  Are they done?  Do you care?

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