Redskins Fans Burn McNabb Jersey

Redskins Fans Burn McNabb Jersey
January 12, 2007, 12:40 pm
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From DC Sports Bog:

It had been announced that the fires would begin at 12:15, so around
that time the crowd gathered, chanting "Burn It, Burn It," and the
like. Even a guy in a McNabb jersey was yelling "Burn It." People can
unite around the cleansing power of fire. Of course, the crowd was
briefly distracted by some gents shotgunning light beer of some sort.

Tailgating!  But alas, my favorite part from the entire article.

Finally the fires began, and the crowd exulted, and the crowd sang
"Hail to the Redskins," and the jersey really did disappear within
seconds. "It is no longer there," one fan remarked.

Another guy in a McNabb jersey ran up and attempted to blow out the flames.

That's the kind of Eagles fans I like to see!

I implore you to go read all of the choice quotes Mr. Steinberg gets out of the Redskins faithful.  And a video! Amazing.

>>Redskins: Up in flames [DC Sports Bog]

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